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Whats been happening?

At the start of June we found a location that is suitable for us to create a commercial ice cream kitchen in Swansea. This allows to produce more ice cream and play around with many flavour combinations. We’ve been fairly quiet on the trading scene because we are working tirelessly to get the kitchen up and running. I can proudly say that it is 99% finished with only a few minor things needed doing.

The local authority has been informed of our change of location and we wait for inspection to maintain our 5 star food hygiene award. Maintaining a high level of hygiene when working with food is paramount and we take the process very seriously. When making ice cream in a commercial kitchen it gives our customers from the general public to the shops we supply the confidence that our product it at a high level of hygiene and a lot of care has gone into it’s production.

It took longer than expected to get our premises set up. We wanted to get everything right at the start and not face any issues down the road. Our aim now is to contact local independent traders to see if we can work together. We will of course let you know the locations when all is confirmed. We are also working on opening an online store where customers can place an order and get their fix of awesomeness delivered to their door. This, i’m afraid, will be restricted to local deliveries within Swansea.

A massive thank you to everyone who has helped us out and all of our amazing customers new and old. Keep a lookout on our social media channels and our blog for all the ice cream news.

Ice Cream. X

Image of Gwynne's ice cream logo over two scoops of ice cream.

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