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We’ve had an insanely busy summer with festivals, markets and setting up a commercial kitchen. Throw in two young children on school holidays into the mix and we’re just about ready to collapse. But theres no time for lying down. Are you looking for a ice cream supplier?

We are ready to supply any local cafes, restaurants and other independent establishments. I feel we’ve nailed down the logistics of ordering, collecting and organising stock ingredients. One thing we’re experimenting with is making our ice cream without eggs. Traditionally known as Philly style ice cream, as apposed to the French custard style ice cream. Now using organic Welsh milk and cream we really want the quality of this to shine through. As long as we can match the epic flavour of our traditional French style ice cream with an eggless alternative, this could be the way forward.

Originally we wanted to be able to sell our Welsh ice cream in a selection of tub sizes from 100ml spoon in tubs up to 4 litre. However, without a whomping commercial potting machine we can’t fill the small 100ml tubs in the quantities needed. We have decided to supply in 2 and 4 litre tubs for the time being.

The flavours we currently offer are salted caramel, Belgium chocolate and Vanilla bean. These are some of our best selling flavours that customers come back for time and time again. Once we are suppling a few stores we will work closely with them to bring in new flavours that they feel will work for them. These flavours may be all natural bubblegum, bacon and maple syrup ( I’ve wanted to try this for so long…) or strawberry and balsamic vinegar. This list could go on forever.

Ice Cream Supplier

If you know of a business that would like to use our ice cream, please let us know. There could even be a scoop in it for you.

Image of busy crowd at the Gower chilli Festival where Gwynne's ice cream supplier was trading

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